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Hazard, Risk & Safety - Understanding Risk Assessment, Management and Pe...

Publicado em 24 de nov de 2014
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Hazard, Risk & Safety
Danger, risques et sécurité
Gevaar, risico's en veiligheid
Peligro, riesgo y seguridad
Опасность, риск и безопасность

We all hear these terms on a daily basis. So and so a chemical, physical or a biological agent poses a risk; This or that product is a hazard or behaving a certain way is unsafe.

A lot of the time “hazard” and “risk” are freely used to mean the same thing. However they are not.

Hazard is the potential to cause harm. Risk on the other hand is the likelihood of harm in defined circumstances.

In a nutshell, hazard and risk are not always aligned as the risk depends on the exposure to the hazard ; similarly, risk, safety and perception of risk are not always aligned; this can make political decisions regarding safety levels difficult to make, in these cases it is especially important to base them on facts rather than on subjective perceptions.

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