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The truth about Electrical fires

Publicado em 7 de jul de 2012
See also about electrical fires :

WARNING: C. Joule Effect, Inc. disclaims any liability: In this video some tests were made by professionals, and such tests should only be made by qualified professionals. The use of electricity under the conditions that have been filmed is very dangerous. Do not attempt to replicate these experiments if you are not a trained electrical professional and if you are not fully aware of what you are doing, the risks, and the proper ways to protect yourself and your surroundings. Glowing connections = joule effect heating, for example.

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Fire Service Operation DVD

Enviado em 9 de fev de 2012

This two DVD set provides a visual walk-through of Elevator Fire Service Operations as required by ASME A17.1 1973-2009 including selections of code from NFPA72. Look up specific code references from any year for a more detailed explanation of Phase I or Phase II for that particular edition of code. This six hour training series will benefit elevator personnel, consultants, firefighters, building owners and anyone else that needs to familiarize themselves with firefighters' emergency operation on elevators. Available in U.S. and Canadian versions. Visit the following link to purchase or for more information:
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